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M9 is an award-winning boutique Strength and Conditioning gym in Chiswick. We offer a range of tailored and inclusive fitness experiences for all. With our personalised programming, class structure, coaching and community, you can be sure M9 is the most supportive gym in the innerwest. Specialising in personal training and group classes M9 is the place to be where every workout is an opportunity to strengthen your body and build community bonds.


The M9 community shares a distinct common trait—a shared commitment to attitudes and interests centered around health and well-being. Within our community, there is an absence of egos or political dynamics. When a workout becomes challenging, you can rely on someone to support you. Beyond being just a gym, we actively organise events during the year for our local community. Our inclusive environment welcomes everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. Join us and experience being a part of something extraordinary.


With a cumulative experience of over 20 years in the fitness industry, the M9 team continually enhances their skills while upholding fundamental principles of training and movement. Our commitment ensures that our coaches are not only there to guide you in classes but also to provide support during personal training sessions.


The M9 program is designed to prioritise metabolic conditioning and resistance-based movements, aligning with your body’s two main energy systems. Our goal is to guide clients toward fitness, health, and strength through personalised programming. This not only ensures that you start training at your current level but also reduces the risk of injury and keeps you accountable in the early phases of your journey.


Group Classes

Whether you’re looking for Strength, Cardio, Boxing, or Pilates, M9 has you covered. Our boutique classes, led by highly certified coaches, ensure personalised attention in each session. Coaches guide you through movements, offering feedback and cues as needed. The meticulously pre-programmed small group training program guarantees both variety and results.




Personal Training

Working with an M9 Personal Trainer extends beyond the program itself. What sets us apart is the off-gym support. and external accountability. Personal Training at M9 includes weekly weigh-ins and measurements, monthly fitness testing with data feedback, recipe books, and personalised meal plans. Gain access to a suite of helpful tools within the M9 Fitness app.



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The M9 Concept

Consider the letter M. This letter stands firmly on three foundational pillars that construct a robust structure (YOU). The initial pillar is Mechanics—what functions smoothly and what requires improvement? The second is Metabolism—what constitutes your actual dietary intake? Lastly, we have Movement – what habits are you willing to change? 

Are you prepared to challenge both your body and mind?

All these systems need to be working together in order to achieve optimum results for the long haul too. The M9 program focuses on metabolic conditioning and resistance-based movements aligning with your body’s natural energy systems. Our aim is to get our clients fit, healthy and strong through tailored programming. Not only will this ensure you start where you are at but it also minimises the risk of injury.
















Our Story

M9 Fitness, formerly known as Canini Fitness, originated as a humble garage gym. As our membership steadily expanded, the need for a larger and more advanced space became evident, prompting us to undergo a rebranding and relocation. For the past five years, we have proudly called Chiswick our home, fostering a close-knit community with dedicated long-term members guiding newcomers along their fitness journey.

Our gym is more than a workout space—it’s a thriving family. In addition to our regular in-gym events, we celebrate the camaraderie outside our facility. The open-door policy extends beyond class schedules, serving as a testament to the commitment our members have to both the community and their overall health.

Experience the evolution of M9 Fitness—a journey that started in a garage and has now blossomed into a vibrant, supportive fitness family in the heart of Chiswick.

$99 All Access Intro Offer

Immerse yourself in the unique community at M9 Fitness Chiswick with our exclusive offer. Enjoy 30 days of full access to the M9 timetable, exploring a variety of classes to discover the perfect combination for your fitness journey.


4 Burns Crescent, Chiswick NSW 2046

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm


4 Burns Crescent, Chiswick NSW 2046

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm

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